Estate Planning: Get Ready to Take Care of Your Aging Parents

It is too hard to see your parents getting older every year, right? They may not show the signs of slowing down, but they could fall sick tomorrow anytime. You must discuss your parents about retirement, inheritance wishes, and their long-term care. It’s our first & foremost duty to help them plan earlier so they can enjoy their twilight times. You can also contact a probate attorney in San Bernardino who will make it easy for you to take care of your aging parents.

Here are five things that you must discuss with your parents:

1. Discover Their Retirement Goals

Your parents would not want to waste their retirement sitting in a home and waiting for you to call. But, this is the sad reality for most individuals. Whether it’s about the second career or traveling the world, your parents must have retirement goals. With some reliable retirement goals, you help your parents live the 2nd part of their lives with happiness and passion.

2. Identify Available Housing Options

Where will your aging parents go if they are unable to afford to live in their house or arrange medicines or food? The housing options for your parents demand advance planning that involves your siblings, spouses, and kids as well. A probate attorney in Inland Empire can help you distinguish alternative housing options like assisted living communities or home care services. This will empower your parents to decide which options they should prefer and why?

3 .Plan For Their Long-Term Care

If your parents are living in their 70s, they will probably need financial assistance for hospice care, in-home service, and nursing. All these expensive services aren’t covered by health insurance and can eradicate your parents’ savings. You can consider choosing long-term care insurance, medical benefits, and annuities that can support your parents pay for those expenses with ease. You can also manage your parents’ finances legally while making their medical and other financial decisions without going to court.

4. Determine Where Their Assets Will Go

You and your siblings may have to spend 1 or 2 years in probate court to acquire your parents’ estate after their death. The probate process is expensive. It’s vital to determine where will their Assets go after they die.

5. Manage What They Own

It’s essential that your parents manage all legal documents related to their assets. You must help your parents prepare legal documents related to their home mortgage and debts in order to avoid after-death foreclosure.

Start the Conversation

It might be difficult to today’s generation, but it’s important that you sit down with your parents to assure that they have a probate plan. Your siblings and kids also need to be part of this discussion. Believe it or not, you’re a huge part of your parents’ future. The best gift you can give your parents is to help them plan ahead.

It’s always better to contact a reliable probate attorney who will handle all these things mentioned above.

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